AWANA Northview

When it comes to our role as reflections of Christ, imperative to our mission is impacting and equipping our children with the Gospel teachings of Jesus Christ. Our Awana Club Ministry, held every Wednesday through the school year from 6:45p to 8:00p, is an integral part in our mission to reach the children of our church and community. From fun activities to curriculum focused on long-term impact, each night is set on discipleship of kids ages 3 to 12. Discipleship, to us, isn’t about information or religion, but a foundational relationship with Jesus Christ both inside the church building and out into the everyday lives of our young believers. Christ not only loved the children, he sought them out and saw it fit to protect them. We take seriously our role in raising up each child in the Lord, setting them up for eternal success while protecting them from the corrosive culture to their well being.

If you have a child interested in attending, you personally want to see how our Awana Club runs, or have any questions, we will look forward to seeing you on Wednesday night as we dive into scripture, dive into Jesus, and build a life-long relationship between our children and their King, Jesus.