Morning and Evening Worship Service

Do you have a question about today’s sermon? Are you interested in diving in and learning more? Email us with your questions and comments and we’ll be sure to respond. We will see you Sunday morning!

Our blended worship services seek a healthy dose of traditional hymns and upbeat contemporary worship songs. Each song is prayerfully selected with the mindset that our worship ought to not only glorify and honor God, but also cause personal self-reflection. Also blended within our worship service is the biblicalgrounded teaching of spiritually eye-opening truth. While often topical in nature, the Bible is the sole and final authority on all matters concerning physical and spiritual well-being. As we seek to build a relational community of believers, our church focuseson discipleship in the broad sense during these large corporate worship times. While not a substitute for small-group study and accountability, we believe that this time is imperative to the spiritual well being of the flock who spend Sundays “filling up” on God’s word so that they rest of their week might be spent “spilling out” the love of God throughout our community. Morning worship begins promptly at 11a on Sunday while Evening worship begins at 7p.


1139 Northview Drive
Hillsboro, Ohio 45133

Service Times

Sunday Morning  Worship: 11am
Sunday Evening Worship: 6pm