Sunday Morning Bible Study

You’ve probably heard that the church isn’t the building but the community of believers who gather within. We don’t just say this at Northview but truly believe it. As a way to build up our community, keep us connected and growing within our personal relationships and our relationships with the Lord, we hold weekly Sunday School meetings for all ages from Bed-Baby to Senior Adult. These classes are age graded so that the material covered is both appropriate and applicational. This structure also allows for our attendees to relate with each other on a personal level as they address the common circumstances of life. As Paul began his ministry in planting churches, a large focus was placed in small group studies or house churches. Our Sunday School program takes this concept and allows for attendees to build an intimate, in depth study with additional accountability and comradery among members. While Sunday Morning service is a wonderful time of fellowship and worship around God’s Word, we believe that members are most connected with us when they dive into a small-group Sunday School class each Sunday morning. Held from 9:45a to 10:45a every Sunday morning before worship service, we believe that any questions, concerns, or desire to join should start in the Sunday School classroom.

Are you curious about which class you or your kids fit into, or what you and your kids might be learning? Feel free to see Mark Coy or visit anyone of our classes this Sunday to see what we at Northview are all about!


Wednesday Night Bible Study

Out Wednesday night Bible study is more intimate than our Sunday morning worship services. While our music reverts to the traditional hymns of our rich church history, our time together in God’s word is what really sets Wednesday apart as a particularly beautiful night of worship. Pastor Bill weekly leads us through an in-depth study set on growing and equipping the flock for ministry and missional work. Even better about this setting is the ability to fellowship, walk through, and ask questions as we study together. We believe the leaders of our church are present at all services, but are intentionally present during our Wednesday meetings which serve as a leadership training to all in attendance.

If you’re interested in stepping up in the church, wish to dive deeper into God’s word with Pastor Bill, or have a desire to learn from a mentor and need someone to walk through life with, we believe Wednesday is a great place to start. We look forward to seeing you this Wednesday at 7p!